City of Glenwood SpringsResidential rebates:
Glenwood Springs Electric

Glenwood Springs Electric offers its residential customers a variety of options for electric-related energy efficiency measures.

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1-page summary of all Glenwood Springs Electric rebates for 2016

Energy SmartEnergy Smart
home energy assessment

A certified home energy analyst will come to your home, conduct a home energy assessment and install several on-the-spot measures so you can start saving right away. The home assessment costs just $100. (It's a $400 value!)

The home energy assessment includes:

  • Blower-door test and infrared imaging, combustion analysis of furnace, boiler and water heater systems and a home energy upgrade plan.

  • On-the-spot measures such as a programmable thermostat, up to 10 CFL bulbs, pipe insulation, hot water tank blanket, low-flow showerhead and faucet aerator, outlet and switch gaskets, and door weatherstripping.

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Energy efficiency rebates for households

NOTE: Glenwood Springs Electric energy efficiency rebates are capped at $500 per household per year for homes heated by natural gas.
Rebates capped at $1,000 for all-electric homes.

Insulation and air sealing rebate: 25% up to $500

Evaporative cooling rebate

  • 25% up to $500 for evaporative cooling space unit
  • 25% up to $500 for whole-house evaporative cooler
  • 25% up to $500 for whole house fan (licensed contractor installation)

Heat tape timer: 25% up to $200, electrician installed.

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EXTRA efficiency rebates for all-electric homes

Total of all rebates capped at $1,000 per household.

Programmable thermostats: $50 rebate

High-efficiency electric heating system: 25% up to $500

Electric heat pump water heater: 25% up to $500

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LED lighting rebates for households

NOTE: Glenwood Springs Electric LED lighting rebates are capped at $200 per household, and are allowed in addition to the rebate caps listed above.

  • 50% up to $200 rebate maximum per account for ENERGY STAR-rated LED bulbs

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Appliance rebates for households

Rebates administered by the City of Glenwood Springs for appliances purchased in the 81601 zipcode

• ENERGY STAR clothes washer: $75
• ENERGY STAR dish washer: $50
• ENERGY STAR refrigerator: $100

Rebate info and application form here.

Solar electric rebate for households

Household rebate: $0.75 per watt up to 6 kW system capacity

These rebates are limited and must be reserved in advance. Contact an Energy Coach to check availability.

(970) 704-9200 or

Click here to fill out the solar PV rebate pre-approval application form.

Click here to download the 1-page Glenwood Springs Electric Residential and Commercial Photovoltaic (PV) 2016 Terms & Conditions

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Solar PV rebates
for households

2017: Rebates are currently unavailable.

Most Glenwood Springs residents are still eligible for CORE solar PV rebates.

Contact an Energy Coach at CLEER for details: (970) 704-9200

Download the City of Glenwood Springs net metering ordinance.

More rebate offers

You may also qualify for other rebates for your energy efficiency measure from SourceGas or CORE.

These rebates can be added on to Glenwood Springs Electric rebates to cover up to 50% of project costs. Dollar limits do apply.

Please contact an Energy Coach for details.

1-page summary of all Glenwood Springs Electric rebates for 2016