2013 Bike & Walk to School Challenge

April 23, 24, 25, 2013

12 schools | 167 classes | 5,575 students

Rifle Middle School students

Rifle Middle School students appeared before the Garfield County Commissioners, at left, on Monday, May 20, to receive the Jumbo Savers award. The students are Karen Vejar, Piper Mull, Nico Pelkey, Tyler Barrett, Sabree Coombs, Raine Ellis and Nicholas Taylor. Teacher Chris Miller accompanied them to the meeting.
Photo by Cameron Burns

Winning schools

1st place: Bea Underwood Elementary, Battlement Mesa, District 16
$1,000 prize

2nd place: Carbondale Middle School, Roaring Fork Re-1
$500 prize

3rd place: Carbondale Community School, Roaring Fork Re-1
$250 prize

Jumbo Savers: Rifle Middle School, Garfield Re-2
$500 prize

Students earned points for their class and their school based on the number of times they walked, biked, carpooled or rode the bus to school during the three-day competition period.

Teachers tallied the different ways students traveled to and from school. The goal was to have as many trips as possible be walking, biking, carpooling or riding the school bus.

The top three classrooms in each school won the competition, but all students benefited when they used active transportation, carpooling or the school bus to get to school.

Students also signed a pledge to use alternative transportation throughout the remainder of the school year and during the summer.

Total energy savings

21,098 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions

$37,574 in vehicle costs (fuel, wear and tear, etc.)

Total calories burned

232,603 calories

Bea Underwood Elementary students

Garfield County Commissioner Mike Samson elicited a big cheer from students at Bea Underwood Elementary School when he told the students that their school won first place in the Challenge.
Photo by Heather McGregor

Carbondale Middle School students

Carbondale Middle School students, from left, Tanner Simmonds, Malike Enloe, Tina Zhang and Cody Snider, told the commissioners how they got the word out to classmates about the Bike and Walk to School Challenge.
Photo by Cameron Burns

Carbondale Community School students

Carbondale Community School students Jesse Helser, Montana Jacober and Wilder Jacober tell their stories to Garfield County Commissioners Tom Jankovsky, John Martin and Mike Samson. Principal Tom Penzel accompanied the students to Glenwood Springs for the award ceremony.
Photo by Cameron Burns

Riding to School

Wilder Jacober, left, and his sister Montana Jacober, right, along with their dad, Rio Jacober, center, rode their horses to school on Feb. 25 for the Bike and Walk Challenge. The six-mile ride from their home to the Carbondale Community School took 90 minutes.
Photo by Tom Penzel

Sponsored by:

Garfield Clean Energy RFTA
CLEER LiveWell Garfield County



Safe Routes to School maps

Glenwood Springs

Bike & Walk to School Challenge

Winning schools
announced in two ceremonies:

8:30 a.m. Friday, May 17
All-school assembly
Bea Underwood Elementary School
Battlement Mesa

9:00 a.m. Monday, May 20
Garfield Board of County Commissioners meeting
Garfield County Administration Building, 108 W. 8th St., Glenwood Springs

Home Room Challenge Winners

$50 cash cards for 1st place classes
$25 cash cards for 2nd and 3rd place classes

Prize money donated by

Alpine Bank

Garfield District 16

Bea Underwood Elementary
1st McMillan
2nd Rose
3rd  Smyser

Garfield Re-2

Rifle Middle School
1st Krick
2nd LaBeau
3rd Snead

Highland Elementary
1st Bomba
2nd Mulcare
3rd McKee

Riverside Middle School
1st Davis
2nd Mutchler
3rd Murchison

Elk Creek Elementary
1st Murphy
2nd Best
3rd Goetz

Kathryn Senor Elementary
1st Rickert
2nd Montano
3rd Nelson

Roaring Fork Re-1

Glenwood Springs Middle School
1st Stevenson
2nd Houghton
3rd Heisel

Glenwood Springs Elementary
1st Allen
2nd Horch
3rd Kochenberger

Sopris Elementary
1st Friend
2nd Derochers
3rd tie: Cook and Hagan

Carbondale Middle School
1st Hayden
2nd De Lasala
3rd Pearl

Crystal River Elementary
1st Blanchard
2nd Contreras
3rd Dameron

Carbondale Community School
1st Frubie
2nd Huttenhower
3rd Mines

Scoring methodology report